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Let’s build a BAR, not a second kitchen.

There are B I G differences in the design, style, and components that make up a great bar.  We offer unique tops with traditional bar rail trim, decorative front panels, and unique cabinets and trim.  Few kitchen cabinet suppliers can match the versatility offered by Ohio Basements.

With near endless options and configurations for your bar, design, display, storage needs, and layout options can change depending on whether your bar is beer, wine or liquor focused.  Mix a combination of the three, and an infinite number of combinations are possible.  In fact, sometimes the greatest challenge of creating a great bar is deciding on the layout and configuration.  Here are some general rules.

 “How do I begin the process of ordering a custom built bar?”

 To answer the question, we begin with simple steps to identify the space requirements, configuration, style, accessories, and details of the finished bar.

Identify the space requirements 

bar layout guideline

Will the bar actually fit in the space allocated for the bar?

The outline to the left is a good reference regarding the set up for your bar.  Careful planning here will ensure your bar is comfortable, functional, and attractive.

To begin the process, we simply ask customers to start with a blank sheet of paper, and outline possible configurations of the bar area.  This should be done as if you were looking at the bar from above.  Identify basic size, seating areas, and where you enter and exit the bar.  This doesn’t need to be fancy, in fact, most customers quickly sketch a image of the proposed bar, take a picture with a smart phone, and text it to us.  Many customers also include a quick video of the space that shows the general room and traffic flow around the bar.  This is helpful to determine possibilities, and suggestions for layout.


Here are a few examples below

Oneil 2
Bar A
Bar B
bar C
Bar D

Back Wall Cabinet Details

Once the configuration is set, our designers begin the process of identifying details that are to be incorporated in the bar.  While the front bar and seating areas are fairly standard, the back wall cabinets have endless options and configurations.  To begin the rendering process, we ask for customer input on what they’d like to see for the back wall cabinets, display areas, and known accessories.

Again, nothing more complicated than a quick sketch sent via text is needed to communicate your concept.  You can also e-mail photos of other configurations you’ve found on the web, or let our designers create your dream bar. 

Typically, the final concept is a blend of your ideas, our input, and functional accessories that are to be included in the bar (i.e. wine racks).

Customer bar drawings

3D Renderings

Other details of the bar will be determined in the next process - 3D CAD renderings.  This is where concepts, configurations, and bar details come to life.  It allows customers to see their bar from different views and determine if the digital version matches their vision and design criteria.  Here are a few examples

Fowsar 3D3
Trumbore 3D1
Trumbore 3D14
Greg S 3D8
kelly and andy 3D1
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