Kitchen cabinet suppliers fall short with the details

Most of our customers come to us with simple line drawings they have received from a local big box retailer, or cabinet shop.  They are arranged in order to somewhat resemble a bar, but is it really?

We exist only because we offer unique items that the other cabinet manufacturers don’t.  Items like solid wood tops, heavy profile Chicago bar rail trim, foot rest boxes, decorative recessed panel skins (for the front bar), lighted liquor display shelves, valance boxes with crown molding, and totally custom wine storage cabinets.  The list would continue on and on with all the custom option possibilities.

Look closely at the details.  There are several options that are only available through Ohio Basements, and the limitations are only in space allocated for the bar, and, of course, your budget.


2-level tops

bar rail returns

We offer wood tops with heavy profile Chicago bar rail trim.  Chose one or two level tops, any size and angle

Add combination cabinets. 
Mix wine storage with drawers, open shelves, and glass doorsCombination cabinets

Custom vabinets with valance box

drink return II

Decorative corbels

Add a drink return rail

Optional decorative corbels to match the bar

custom canopy

fluted casing with corbels and oversized valance

Add a canopy to follow the profile of the front bar

Top valance with crown molding, corbels with plinth blocks, and fluted casing

Front skin
Examples of our standard front panel “skins”.  These hide the back side of the front cabinets and provides a decorative finish.  Complete the bar room by adding additional panels as wainscoting in the bar room

Wainscott panels

LED lighting

LED liquor shelves

Add LED lights to the front edge of the bar, or in the liquor shelves display towers

matching entainment center

Matching panels and trim

Want an entertainment center built to match the bar, or a fireplace surround, or storage cabinets? - No problem!

matching storage cabinets

Matching panels and trim II

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