Custom built home bars and entertainment centers

Nothing adds more beauty and value to your home than a custom built bar.  It’s our most popular request!  We will design and build your bar to your exact specification including layout, options, and finish.  Our bars are functional, well-built beautiful pieces of furniture that will endure for generations. 

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1-0-Virost 2
1-1-Virost 2

Ohio basements offers optional 3D CAD renderings to show exactly what your bar will look like.  We can offer simple designs or the most detailed views including 360 degree rotations from above, below and around your virtual bar. 

Bar Sizing:

Determining the location and size for the bar is very important.  There must be enough space while behind the bar, and while seated.  If back wall bar cabinets are added, the front seating area is pushed into the room up to an additional two feet.  You also need to be concerned with traffic flow for the remaining areas around the bar.  Locations of TV’s and other entertainment areas will need to be incorporated into the design and layout for maximum comfort and functionality.

Bar Sizing

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9 custom built cherry bar large


Based on experience, the best place to begin designing your custom bar is to start with the functional aspects you would like to include.  Will there be a focus on beer, wine, or liquors?  Will you have a full-sized refrigerator, or small “beer fridge”?  Would you like to store certain items like wine glasses, or will there be a display area to show off the prize scotch collection, or sports memorabilia?

By answering these questions and knowing what you want to store and display, will be key to the overall design.  The components that will be included are incorporated into the design, and ultimately, your bar will begin to build itself. 


Since bars are simply a collection of functional cabinets and trim options, the possibilities are endless.  The overall look and style of your bar will depend on personal preference and budget, but here are a few typical style options that you can reference.   


Victorian Bar -
This bar is a combination of back wall cabinets, sink, and front surround cabinets.  Extra trim and finish include inset (recessed) front skin panels, Corbel supports under the top, and decorative back wall trim and crown moulding.  The bar has adequate space for wine storage, liquor display, glass storage, and a TV.

20 custom built cherry bar large

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Traditional Bar -
Classic styling that matches nearly all decors with stained (or painted) wood and traditional lines.  This is our standard bar built for comfort and convenience with built-in foot rest and bar rail trim molding.  Traditional bars can be straight, multi-sided, or u-shaped and stand alone, or incorporate back-wall cabinets and storage.

Simple home bar 3

Contemporary -
Simple lines, no foot rest or traditional bar rail molding. Typically natural stone countertops

Back Wall Cabinets

Bar cabinets located along the back wall of your bar should be functional as well as decorative.  Because our cabinets are custom built, whatever you can dream up, we can build.  Typically, space behind the bar is limited, so careful thought is needed to blend style with storage needs.  Wet bars (sink cabinets) and small refrigerators can be incorporated into the design or add stand alone cabinets constructed to store and display unique items.  Lighting, tile back splash, countertop surfaces, and outlet placement are also important elements that add beauty and functionality to your bar.        

14 custom built cherry bar large
Custom built cherry bar with granite 9
Custom built home bar medina 4
Custom built home bar medina 3

Front Bar Cabinets

Typically, the front bar cabinets are open cabinets with shelves.  Often, doors become too wide open when standing behind the bar, plus most visitors can’t see what’s under the bar.  There are several options for the front bar cabinets including 1 or 2 level counter heights, appliance storage, and wet bar sinks.  Design of the bar will affect the distance between the person behind the bar, and guests at the bar.

3 custom built cherry bar large
17 custom built cherry bar large
Simple home bar

Before and after photos of cherry front bar cabinets.  They are 1 foot deep and 42” tall and include a 4: toe kick and center shelf.  The wood bar top is about 23” wide and covers the front bar cabinets as well as providing a 10” overhang so while seated at the bar, guests are not banging their knees on the front “skin”.

Beer or wine refrigerators can be located under the front cabinets, but remember, for the top counter to cover the fridge and provide overhang for legroom, the counter could be up to 36” wide as typical units are 24” deep.

Custom built cherry bar with granite 3
Custom built cherry bar with granite 5

Multi-level bars are another option for front bar configuration.  They provide a work space or serving countertop while behind the bar and can accommodate deeper front wall cabinets.  This design is most popular when space is at a premium.  The tradeoff is typically, the top is more narrow, and the person behind the bar could be farther away from the seated guests.  The is the most expensive option due to multiple countertops and added back splash.

Bar Top Options

Countertop Materials
Ohio Basement customers have many options when it comes to bar countertops.  Material used can affect top elbow rest molding, but customers have the same counter options for bars as they would for their kitchen countertops including: wood, laminates, solid surface, natural stone, and exotics.  Our standard top is either wood (to match the bar), or a laminate, or if the unit is 2 levels, both.  Consider the following:

Wood bar tops:
Warm finish, matches the rest of the bar, and is very traditional.  The only issue is performance.  While our wood tops have a minimum of 3 coats of finish plus wax, homeowners can expect some maintenance over the years.  If the bar gets heavy use, we can consider a top coat epoxy to seal and protect the wood.

The variety and quality of plastic laminate sheets have come a long way in recent years.  The performance, resolution, and special finishes of laminates are very hard to beat.  Our customers will receive a sample ring with nearly every color and style combination, including realistic wood finishes.  We make any size laminate configuration custom for your bar design

Natural Stones:
Granite, quartz, and other natural stones are options for your bar top, however, there are some draw backs.  Natural stone makes it nearly impossible to attach the traditional elbow arm rest to the front edge of the bar, it is cold to the touch, and can be quite expensive.  Also, if a glass tips over on natural stone, it typically breaks, while wood and laminate tops might save that prize collector mug from the trash can.



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shiels bar complete
Perry bar complete 4
Home bar layout
  1. Optional back wall cabinets can be adjustable  as room allows.  They can be eliminated all together, 6” simple display shelves, 12” limited display, or 16-24 inch full size display cabinets. 
  2. Recommended walk space between the wall or back cabinets.  Important clearance for max comfort working behind the bar.
  3. Front cabinets can also be adjusted as space allows.  Standard is 12” open shelves, but if a small fridge is used, the cabinets will need to be  24” -28” deep.  NOTE:  Extra deep cabinets create a very wide countertop
  4. Bar stools need a consistent surface to rest on.  A hard surface like wood, laminates, or tile is recommended but carpet is ok.  The important part is that all four legs of the stool rest on the same material.

View more bar ideas here


Superior, Durable finishes
Besides great design and functionality of your bar, a superior finish is required for years of use and enjoyment.  We build all of our custom bars in our shop, and then complete all finish work.  Not only is the quality of the finish durable and silky smooth, but should you require additional pieces like bar stools, matching the stain will be perfect.  Rigid standards in the process even provides the ability to match color for items or accessories that might be ordered in the future.  Each customer stain color is documented and held on file for future reference.

Over 25 stain options
Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) is manufactured by Woodwright manufacturing right in Wilmont, Ohio.  Click here to view additional stain options.  But remember, computer screens are not likely to be a good match for actual colors.  Once a bar is built, customer will see actual stained wood samples, and can approve final stain color.

Bars delivered completely finished.
Our bars travel direct from the finisher to your home.  This eliminates any odors that may result from finishing on site.  Customers that already have finished basements, can add a complete custom built bar in as little as one day for set-up and installation!

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Delivery Area:

We ship and install bars!

Bar delivery map

Ohio Basements will deliver and install our bars in all the highlighted states.

Typical installation only takes 1-2 days, and is the perfect solution for out-of-state customers.

Non-highlighted areas can order custom bars, and Ohio Basements will coordinate delivery and shipping arrangements using a variety of service providers.  

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Due to the custom nature of our bars, there is no standard price list.  However, our bars are affordable for nearly every budget, and we offer free quotes.  Call or e-mail us today to discuss your project!

Buckeye theme home bar 1

Frequently Asked Questions:


General Design Questions

How do I come up with a design for my bar?
Typically, final bar configurations are a collection of cabinets and display shelves designed based on how you intend to use the bar.  Design elements can be taken from photos of existing bars, what or how you’d like to display items, or functional uses for the bar.  Most customers have some ideas for a starting point, and we help by offering suggestions that compliment the area where the bar is to be installed and how it will be used.

Is there a fee to design my bar?
While bar estimates are free, we charge a $100 drawing fee.  It is refunded should you purchase the bar.  Complete renderings of your bar would be provided in 3D that show sizes and important details.  This helps by showing customers exactly what is to be built, and can be modified before fabrication begins.  

 Terry final rendering 5-15 A

Construction, Options, and Finish Questions

What materials are used to construct the bars?
We use a combination of hardwood plywood, and solid hardwood.  Typical species include red oak, cherry, and maple, however, we have supplier access to other woods like walnut, hickory, and bamboo.  Other exotic materials can typically be ordered.

What options are available with the bars?
Typical construction of the bars includes a foot rest, front panel “skin”, top, and bar rail trim (elbow rest).  Customers can add doors, drawers, LED lights, mirrors, glass shelves, and a variety of countertop options.  



Stain Samples


DSCN0918 (3)

DSCN0112 (3)

DSCN2183 (2)1













bar location map

We have sold and delivered our bars to 13 different states and counting.  We now have references in:

New York
New Jersey
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina

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